Pain-Free Posture Handbook:
40 Dynamic Easy Exercises to Look and Feel Your Best!

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Transform your life and live pain free.

Pilates instructors Lora and Nikki are leaders in their industry and have successfully helped thousands of people to reduce their back pain. The key? Movement.

Now, in this portable, posture-building guidebook, Lora and Nikki share their invaluable exercises and activities to help you develop a healthy spine and alleviate your pain. Learn how posture affects you physically and emotionally, and discover active methods for improving your alignment, reducing neck and back pain from overworked muscles, and finding your own natural posture.

Carry The Pain-Free Posture Handbook wherever you go for on-hand, expert advice, featuring easy-to-follow illustrations, posture-building techniques, and breathing exercises for practicing good posture.

This free sample page shows how easy it is to learn proper posture with the Pain-Free Posture Handbook.

The Pain-Free Posture Handbook features exercise and tips for:

It's never too late to fix your posture. The Pain-Free Posture Handbook keeps you moving —properly— throughout your day, every day.

About the authors

Lora Pavilack

I love posture and how good it feels to move with ease. I was a professional dancer for years performing around the world and as a Radio City Rockette. With Nikki Alstedter, I co-own Pilates Studio City in Southern California and Pilates South Austin in Austin, Texas. I am a Master Teacher in Pilates through the Pilates Sports Center and certified in Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, the Franklin Method, and Da Vinci BodyBoard, among other body-balancing disciplines. Besides playing with my daughter and surfing, I simply love to help people improve their posture, strength, and balance through movement so they can stand tall and enjoy life to the fullest.

Nikki Alstedter

I am passionate about posture and I believe it is never too late to improve it! My posture journey began by discovering a mild scoliosis while performing as a professional dancer and aerial acrobat. This guided my path to years of study of movement and healing modalities. With a foundation as a Pilates Sports Center Master Trainer, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and Franklin Method teacher, I've been helping clients rediscover their natural posture for more than two decades. I am the founder of Arlùnviji Transformative Movement studio in Santa Barbara, California, and I co-own, with Lora Pavilack, Pilates Studio City and Pilates South Austin. In this book, Lora and I share simple exercises that boost postural awareness to live pain-free throughout your day, at home, at work, and on the go! If you transform your posture, you'll transform your life!

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